Monday, August 11, 2014

How B-rex came to be.

Finally B-rex is getting his own blog just like the other kids.  It only took two years to get it going.  Life must be crazy.
Brexton Lee Jones was born on June 27, 2012.  He is the fifth child and third son of Daniel Adams Jones and Leesa Marie Riskedahl Jones.  He was born at the San Juan Medical Center in Farmington, NM.
Brexton was almost named Aaron Jens.  Aaron would have matched Adam and Andrew's names in that it would have started with an "A".  Also, it's a bible name and kind of a family name.  Papa Riskedahl's name is Ron, and he always loved calling every Aaron he knew...Double A Ron.  We thought that would be fun.  Jens was the name of one of Dan's Great-Great Grandpa's, Jens Nielson.
The first night after he was born I just couldn't seem to call him Aaron.  It felt awkward to look at him and say it out loud.  The next morning Dan and I started back at the beginning of picking out a name.  We came to the name Braxton.  It jumped out at me and I said it aloud to Dan.  He then said it back but with an 'e' sound in the middle.  It seemed to fit our new son.  Somehow Jens didn't seem to fit with it though and we settled on the middle name of Lee instead.  Quite a switch from Aaron Jens to Brexton Lee.  They sound nothing alike.  Later we found out that some of Dan's ancestors were from a place called Brecon, Wales.  I guess it was meant to be.  
A short time later, Papa Riskedahl started calling him B-rex, like a T-rex but with a B.

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